"Class Act"
Music For All Occaisions

Class Act is a group of professional musicians that play
Jazz Standards , Timeless Classics, Traditional Jazz
Rock & Roll , Pop and New Country.

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Big Bear Somp Mercy Mercy Mercy Stardust


CD   Featuring Class Act w/Con Sheffer

You may select the band much like a buffet.
From a single musician, to an eight piece swing/pop band.
For pricing and availability, Contact:

Mark Hazzard (541) 513-6392





Mark Hazzard
(541) 513-6392


Gifted Child Music

Was first conceived through the eyes of a child-- a six-year old with a dream of everybody sharing their talents with one another, collectively working together, with the good of the whole being the only goal. As we grow in life, we see that giving is the source of great joy and fulfillment. I hope that I can serve you in some way along this ever-enchanting journey. Live music is magic.


Enriching Life Through Music

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Mark Hazzard was born in Frankfurt Germany. His mother observed   his musical talent at an early age and enrolled him at Sherwood Music School in Vallejo, California, at age 4. His uncle, musician Cal Tjader, encouraged him to enjoy "show biz". At age 15, he  had the opportunity  to play   with the legendary bluesman  John Lee Hooker.  At age 17 he   was  playing  as the house musician at  the River Inn in Big Sur, California. He played Happy Hour, Dinner Music and was part of a Trio led by Ron Fraser. (who co-wrote the song "Cowboy" an Eddie Arnold hit.)  Mark  has  accompanied some noteable   jazz  greats  such as Pete Fountain,  Bill Watrous,  Jackie Coon, and Jake Stock to name a few. At  that time he  was also employed  by Al Jardine  of  the Beach Boys to teach his son Adam piano. At age 25, romance took him to Seattle, where he attended South Seattle Community College for classes in recording and big band arrangements. Although rock and roll and country music are at the heart of his musical upbringing, his mother also encouraged him to appreciate and perform many classic jazz standards. This led to his current love for music of the roaring 20's. Mark was a part of the Black Swan Classic Jazz  Band when it formed. He has played with Calamity Jazz, & The Oregon Jazz Band, all which have played at the Sacremento Jazz Festival. He has played with Jake the Cat, and the popular blues artist Joanne Broh to name a few. He has been known to sub with the big band, Blue Skies from time to time. Mark is the leader of the band Class Act which regularly features many talented musicians including Paul J. Biondi. In 2012, Mark moved to Hawaii to help his aging parents with their end of life experience. While he was there, he met Patrick von Wiegandt of "Swanky". He was invited to participate on his "Swanky at Abby Road" CD. Mark has met some notable musicians on the islands. Ginai is a world class talent with a huge line of credentials. They first met through "Make Em Smile" an organization which encourages healing through music.



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